Friday, November 14, 2014

Tatler Pumpkin Contest

By Lauren Trevor

It’s not quite the season for giving, but here at the Tatler we’re feeling generous, so we decided to host a little contest. Every year The Enquirer hosts a “create a turkey” contest. Using their template, anyone can customize their turkey and send it back in. Winners from each age group then receive a prize for their bodacious bird. For our contest, we instead are providing a pumpkin template which is a separate insert in your issue of the Tatler. To enter simply use the template to create your pumpkin and turn it into Ms. Brady in room number 20 with your name printed clearly. All submissions must be school appropriate to be eligible to win. This means no profanity, sexual content, drug use, etc. If you have questions as to whether or not your pumpkin is appropriate see Ms. Brady.  Submissions must be turned in by Monday the 24th. If you have any questions please contact Ms. Brady or a member of the Tatler staff and remember to be creative and have fun!

To help inspire you and provide an idea of what this contest entails, here are some examples from The Enquirer’s create-a-turkey contest:

New Library Hours!

By Isabella Cross

As you all probably heard, the library is now open after school until 5:15. This was started because the students in the Spanish IV class were asked to come up with ideas that would be beneficial to all the students in our school.

The students in this class took notice that some students don’t have resources such as computers or printers at their homes. Now with the library open later, students are able to have access to the computers after school. They also said that it is easier to concentrate on homework in the school environment rather than at home where there are many distractions.

These new hours are now a way for teachers to help students get caught up with missing work because whether or not students like it, teachers can require students to stay after school to complete assignments.

We are hoping to have tutoring available after school as well. We really hope that these new resources will be beneficial for all the students, and we really encourage every student to take advantage of this opportunity.

Cross Country Comes to a Close

By: Andrew Stookey

 It’s the end of the 2014 cross country season, and Lloyd ended it with a bang. Although neither the boys nor girls teams made it to state, they ran one heck of a race. 

The girls who ran at regionals on Novermber 1st at Idlewild were senior Kayley Westwood, juniors Micaela Marshall and Amanda Rogers, sophomores Jackie Oshon and Stella Homecilla, freshman Emily Burgheim, and 8th grader Charlotte Hauck. The girls finished 7th out of eight teams with 164 points, right behind Bishop Brossart at 159 points.

 The boys who ran were seniors Addison Bosley, Andrew Stookey, and TJ Bailey, juniors Tyler Breeden and Kyle Davis, sophomore Austin Robbins, and freshman Skyler Vornberger. The boys finished 6th out of twelve teams, with 135 points, right behind Newport Central Catholic at 129 points.

 Out of the teams, boys runners Addison Bosley, Tyler Breeden, and Austin Robbins made it to state at Lexington. Breeden finished 31st, Robbins 44th, and Bosley 52nd. Great job guys, and what a way to end the season!

Diversity at Lloyd

By: Mahfoudh Mohamed & Andrew Stookey

Lloyd is one of the most diverse high schools in Northern Kentucky, second to Holmes High School. We have a 25% minority toll with only 558 people. We have an excellent ESL program with kids learning English faster than ever. Our high minority number is helping us as we’ve received a bronze medal for being one of the top high schools in America.

Our diversity comes in many groups of people as well. We have a high number of African American enrolled students, with 13%. Our Hispanic, Asian, Hawaiian, and American Indian students make up the rest of our minority groups. 

With such a diverse student body, Lloyd has extremely good test scores. 10% of the students testing distinguished, and 50% being proficient, which places Lloyd up with some of the top high schools in the state. Lloyd also has on average more students proficient in English than the entire state does.

Lloyd is split fairly even, with 49% of students being male, and 51% female, and contains a total of 558 students, with a 15:1 student to teacher ratio. 

All in all, Lloyd is one of the most diverse, proficient high schools in Northern Kentucky, and even the state. With our wide range of student ethnicity, our high test scores, and the extraordinary student to teacher ratio, Lloyd is really one of the best schools in the area.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Latte Grading Scale

By: Emily Phillips

Starbucks: A+
Like stepping into a bubbly girl`s wonderland. It contained just the right amount of pumpkin spice blend, maintaining its integrity while not being overbearing. Slightly expensive, but you get what you pay for.

Biggby: B-
Actually tastes like pumpkin. It’s incredibly rich, and better consumed in small quantities. Rather expensive, but it’s prepared with great care.

McDonald’s: C
Most of the flavoring settled at the bottom, resulting in a rather bland taste. It ended up tasting more like vanilla with nutmeg. Reasonable price compared to big name coffee shops.

Dunkin Donuts: D-
A latte that is almost indescribable (in a bad way). It has an odd pumpkin liquid sugar taste and was rather burnt. The only decent part was the foam. (The Tatler editor disapproves.)

Erika Ludwig Rap

Written By: Turkey Burgers Rap Productions
Produced By: J&B Subpar Records

Cincinnati born and raised,
Teaching English is how she spends her days.
Loves diet Dr. Pepper and chewy candy,
Enjoys having her classroom right next to Sandi.
Takes this year’s AP Group to Frisch’s,
Treated last year’s group like dirty dishes.
St. Ursula is where she went to school,
Don’t do your homework and she turns into a bull.
Use the internet and she kicks you outta class,
For a teacher she is full of sass.
She is like 7 feet tall,
She can commonly be seen shopping at the mall.
Two words that describe her are evil and mean,
Her favorite color is lime green.
Some have called her a cat lady,
Amount of summer homework she gives is straight shady.
Attended Fairfield College in Connecticut,
While in college her favorite food was Halibut.
Taught at Lloyd for about 4 years,
Seeing kids graduate brings her to tears.

Chef Singleton’s Kitchen

This week in Chef Singleton’s kitchen, my assistant Lauren Trevor and I were feeling a little experimental. Lauren suggested that we make garlic and green onion hamburgers, and that is exactly what we did. Personally, I think they turned out pretty well. Try some and decide for yourselves:

* 1lb hamburger
* 3 garlic cloves
* ½ cup to a cup of chives
* Pinch of salt
* 3-5 pinches of garlic salt
* A pinch of pepper
* Olive oil for skillet preparation
* Buns

“Delicious. Excellent hamburgers.”
“Pretty Tasty.”
“It was definitely a hamburger.”

Helping Hands and Giving Cans

By: Aryan Overstreet and Hayley Osborne

The weather is cooling, but our hearts aren`t. As we approach the holiday season, we should help those in need. Thanksgiving is only two weeks away, and as we are all excited about the delicious foods to come, we have to remember that there are many unfortunate families in our community.

So the Tatler staff will be hosting a canned food drive for those in need. Whichever fifth period class collects the most cans will have a Thanksgiving party courtesy of the Tatler. The party will be held on Tuesday the 25th, and it will consist of food, Thanksgiving fun, and more food.

Think about the families who would appreciate having a nice meal this Thanksgiving; one of the many things we take for granted. Help someone this holiday season by bringing in a can. Bring a can, create a smile, and give thanks


Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Get Them While You Can!!!

We now have the place for all you people who are interested in getting a yearbook this year, now is your chance. We have the website so you can do it all from the comfort of your own home!

The Website: