Monday, August 31, 2015

Looking at Lashunn

By: Jeremy Chisenhall, Asst. Editor

Every week for this football season I will be doing a player spotlight to show a player who excelled on, or maybe off of, the field. For my first spotlight, I want to highlight Junior Lashunn Townsend's performance on the field this past week against Walton Verona.

He was crucial for their victory against the Bearcats, as he led the team in multiple statistical categories; including rushing yards and yards per-catch. Townsend had three rushing attempts for 80 yards and a touchdown, as well as three catches for 64 receiving yards. One of his three catches was a clutch reception on third and long that would set up the game-winning touchdown pass from Jordan Fann to Charles Gaines. 

I had a moment to catch up with Townsend, and ask him a couple questions about his performance.

When asked if he thought the game was in Lloyd's hands after his catch late in the game which set up the game-winning play, his response was rather simple.

"Yes, it was (in our hands)."

I also asked him if he expected to continue to be the team's leading rusher for the rest of the season, and he stayed humble in his answer. 

"No, Justin (Durham) was injured so I had to make it up. When Justin comes back he will be the leading rusher."

Townsend was a great contributor to the win against Walton Verona, and is sure to be an impact player all season long, perhaps even landing himself on the player spotlight once again. 

Friday Night Juggs vs. Tigers

Black out night at Cecil Dees Memorial Field

Lashunn Townsend for the completion

Tigers Trample Lloyd

By: Isabel Harrison, Editorial Editor

 Lloyd took on the Beechwood Tigers at home this past Friday for a packed crowd, everyone anticipating a close game. The student section was clad in black, and ready for a fight. The stand erupted into chants and cheers right from kickoff. This was a huge game.

Beechwood was the first to score. They ran it in with a two point conversion with 7:31 left in the first quarter. The Juggs answered with a pass to Lushunn Townsend for a gain of 34, leading to a touchdown for Charles Gaines and a successful two point conversion. The games tied 8-8 at the end of the first quarter, and the crowd is fired up with the possibility of a win still in sight.

The excitement quickly turned to tension as Beechwood completes a pass for another TD and extra point. It’s now 15-8 with 10:34 left in the half. Lloyd would again retaliate with many major gains down the field resulting in another Charles Gaines touchdown. Extra point is no good. The score is 15-14; the Tigers are fourth down and goal, and the Juggernauts stop them at the five. The fans scream and jump from their seats at the defensive victory, and the opportunity to take the lead.

Once again, the hope was short lasted. The Tigers intercepted the ball with 1:07 to go, and ran it in for a touchdown. Alex Runion returned the ball to Lloyd’s 35, followed by Jamorrow Dawson clutching a first down at the 50. Just when the stands started to light up again, another crushing interception was run in for a touchdown. The score at the half was 28-14, Beechwood Tigers.
Beechwood got yet another touchdown in the start of the 3rd quarter, giving them 35, while Lloyd remains at 14. Runion got the punt return to the 36, followed by a major catch by Dawson with 5:36 left in the quarter. Just as they approached the end zone, QB throws his third interception of the night for another Tiger TD in the 4th. They fail a two point conversion for a score of 41-14.

At this point, aside from the cheerleaders, everyone is either groaning or seeking refuge in the concession stand. Lloyd’s possession. Justin Durham runs the ball to Beechwood’s 33, then a Gaines first down and goal. Finally, a touchdown by Creech and the two points conversion is good. The score is 41-22 with 6:06 left in the game.

The game ended with another Tiger touchdown, Runion injured and taken out of the game, and the fourth and final interception of the game. I suppose we should be thankful that the time ran out before they could score off of it. Final score: 48-22, Tigers.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Baseball Update

Haley Harper

It seems like the baseball season has just started, but really it's close to the end. The Juggs are 5-8 this far with 2 weeks of games left. 

Coach Fuller says there are many middle school students who are new to high school level baseball and are learning what it takes to play the game. Knowing what it takes to play games is important for those young men to know. Seniors Hayden Molitor and Ben Traylor are doing what it takes to train the juniors to take their places next year. 

The biggest accomplishment this far would have to be beating St. Henry 4-0. Everyone should come out to these last few games to support the guys! 

What Are You Doing this Summer?

By Alex Mahoney

Summer is right around the corner and everybody has something planned, whether that`s lying around and watching Netflix all day or vacationing in Florida. There’s plenty of things for people to do. These are just from a few people we got the time to ask.

When asked about her summer, Camille said that she plans on working to get a car, to tan, and to start loving life outside of high school. She then has plans to continue her schooling in the spring. Sounds like she has everything thought out!

Continuing on the next person that I spoke to was Nathan, who plans on having a “road trip to anywhere, just pick a direction with friends.” Then after that he said he plans on going to New York, probably, and then going to Tennessee. So he has quite the adventure planned for his summer. Not a lot of people get these chances.

Then the last one I got to ask was Kirsten, and she plans on traveling to England with her grandmother, which is an extremely exciting possibility. Not to mention she plans on sleeping, eating, and watching Netflix, according to her just “doing my thang,” all of which sounds very relaxing.

There’s a lot going on this summer, and I wish I’d have had more time to interview people, but the bottom line is that you should go out and enjoy your summer as much as you can!

Warped Tour 2K15

By: Andrew Stookey

The annual Vans Warped Tour is an event many music enthusiasts in the Tri-State area look forward to each year. With a varying lineup of many different artists, and multiple genres of music, there is always something for everybody. Don’t know much about Warped Tour? Here’s a little information about the show!

This year, as it does with every year, Warped comes to the Riverbend Music Center. The date is Thursday, July 16th, and starts at 10 AM, and goes on until 9 PM. There are 91 different bands and artists playing this year, including rapper Riff-Raff, rock band Asking Alexandria, the light acoustic group This Wild Life.

Ticket prices range from around $55 up to about $100, depending on if you want basic tickets or extra access included in your visit. These extras may include behind-the-stage access, signed gear from bands and artists, free merchandise, or even a meeting with a band or artist.

Along with the great music you will hear, Warped Tour offers many food and snack stations, mist stations to keep cool in the July heat, and even a Slip ‘n’ Slide to have a little fun! Also, many of the performers have booths set up where they will sign merchandise and talk with fans.

Warped Tour only comes once a year, and you can check out the bands performing at their website. If you enjoy any of them, or just want to go have a good time and maybe check out some new bands or artists, come on out to Warped Tour! It’s sure to be a great time, and if you do, I’ll see you there!

Embarrassing Moments

Aryan Overstreet

We all have those moments that are cringe worthy, when we want to hide inside our house forever, and when red becomes the color of our face. Embarrassment.

At the time it happens, we just want to run away from the embarrassment, but today, we`re going to embrace it. Come on, there`s not one person in this world who`s never been embarrassed. It`s normal.
I also encourage you to not make fun of anyone when they encounter one of these moments because it just as well could`ve been you.

Many of us have walked into class late and everyone just stares at you until you make it to your seat. But why?! Hey, at least they showed up. No one should be made to feel EXTRA uncomfortable because we all know they probably were in the first place. There are moments when people have food stuck in their teeth, wardrobe malfunctions, staining your clothes, sweating, falling in public, et cetera, and we should all acknowledge this as a silly way life laughs at us.

Beginning the Softball Season

The Lady Juggs` Softball team this year started out with a whopping eight seniors. And although the season started with a lot of snow/rain outs the Juggs aren’t doing too terribly bad with the thirteen game cancelations. They do not have a winning record, but there is still plenty of time in the season to reach that goal.

The season started out with the Ladies playing a team that wasn’t even on their schedule. The Juggs lost to Simon Kenton as it was only their second time outside all season and first time on a field. They then played Boone Co., who they have not played for about 2 years now, and lost-this was their third time outside and second time on a field.

Next for the Juggs was their first All A game. The Juggs played Villa Madonna and won 8-3. In between All A games the Juggs gained more field experience as they played 4 games, one of those being a district game. The Juggs didn’t win any of these 4 games, but three of them were very close games.

Then they continued the All A tournament and played Bellevue-they won 16-0 in 5th innings. They then played Dayton in tough battled but lost 10-7 in the 8th inning. The struggle during this game was that they had three seniors-two of which started-quit after the Bellevue game.

The Juggs then played Highlands and struggled to get momentum going. They lost that game, but came back Saturday to win both games in their double header. They beat Calvary Christian 12-2 in 6 innings and Bath Co. 10-9 with an amazing comeback after being down 9-2 going into the 7th.

The Juggs have the potential for a great season this year with around 20 games left.

Prom is …. Fun?

By Chris Deras

It’s that time again juniors and seniors! Prom is this Friday and between asking someone to be your prom date, looking for the proper clothes, jewelry, and all other prom necessities, and setting up appointments for your hair, make up and nails you may find little time to work, keep up with school, and do your other extra-curricular activities which is leaving you stressed out. Not to mention how expensive prom is in general, so you’re just flat out broke, but don’t fret because after prom the school year begins to dwindle and before you know it graduation will be upon us and then summer, so just hang in there.

Prom Rap

Turkey Burger Rap Group
Subpar J&B Productions

Put on yo dancing shoes, Go to prom and you cannot lose.
Get ready to have some fun, If you haven’t got your ticket you better run.
Prom is the best day of the year, Seniors will all probably shed a tear.
Fancy tuxedos and long dresses, The dance floor may get a little reckless.
King and Queen will get their crown, If you don’t win don’t be down, Just turn that frown upside down, Dance your butt off till the sun goes down.
Ludwig is in charge so it’ll be a blast, Better find yourself a date really fast.
Theme of the dance is casino, That means card games and poker chips…WooHoo!
Just remember after the dance to be safe, Ruining such a perfect night would be a waste.
I hope you are as excited as us, Each of us will be looking dapper in our own tux.