Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dress for Success

By: Aryan Overstreet and Hayley Osborne

Yes, we know, we don`t technically have a set dress code, but there are still rules that should be followed. It can be hard transitioning from hot, summer fun to sitting in the classroom, but you can and need to do it. It may be hard to believe, but there are different standards from leisure to education. 

* No crop tops
* No low cut shirts
* Rips in the wrong places are a no
* Lace with no boundaries= no
* See-through pants, leggings, shirts, anything= no
* Shorts and skirts should be worn at a respectable level
* Pants stay at the waist (not below)

“It`s not vulgar…but it`s like displaying” Mason Martin (freshman)

“Underwear stays under. I don`t care how cute your belly is; I don’t want to see it. We`re not at the pool.”   MRS. ROBERTS

“Put the twins away” anonymous

“Crop tops and low leggings….why at school?” Olivia Dowling (freshman)

“Ladies, look in the mirror before you leave. If you look like you could go pole dancing after school, change!” anonymous

With all of these tips, please use your best judgment. These are not just suggestions, they are demands.

Lloyd Volleyball Launched Back Into Action

By: James H. Viox V

 The Lloyd Memorial Lady Juggernauts volleyball team is underway in their new and exciting season. The Lady Juggs started their season off against an always tough Holy Cross team in the 9th Region Touchstone All “A” Classic on August 18th. The Juggernauts faced a very tough defeat against a very talented team, but fought hard. 

 Along with a new season come a few new additions. These additions include new head coach Brittany Li Calzi and new JV/Assistant Varsity coach Heather Krebs. Also the new school year brings new freshmen players. Out of teams 14 players, 8 of them are accounted for as freshmen. They bring a lot of new and up and coming talent.

 "We have potential to do great things, but it's going to take a lot of hard work, improvements, and execution to get us to the point where we want to be." Addison Viox, Freshmen.

The Juggernauts only have one senior this season, Payton Brown. She'll have plenty of weight to carry on her shoulders this year. She'll be one of the main contributors of the team’s improvements and will really need to push her team to meet some of their high expectations.

“We are a young team so I’m really looking forward to grow as the season progresses. We are very capable at winning a lot of games this season” Brown, Senior.

Jasmine Huntley, Junior, states, “We have a lot of tough competition this year. Out of all the teams we’ll face St. Henry, Holy Cross, and Newport Central Catholic will be toughest battles”.

 As the Juggernauts begin their season, they`ll have matchups against Newport High School (Home) on September 3rd, Ludlow High School (Away) on September 4th, and Saint Henry (Home) on September 8th. All games should be intense and interesting. Go Juggs! 

Lloyd Cross Country Team Goes for the Gold

By: Andrew Stookey

 Lloyd’s cross country team is in it to win it this year as the team strives for victory. Both boys` and girls` team are destined to win State this season.

With a diverse team and the coaching of Erin Pifer and former Lloyd great, Joey Landrum, the team has a chance of winning it big.

 “We’ve got a lot of good runners this year. Both the boys` and girls` team can win at least trophies,” says Coach Erin Pifer. She has the team working hard for their upcoming victories. 

 The team, consisting of students from all grade levels, has potential to go far this season, and they plan to.

 “We’re going to win State this year,” says junior Tyler Breeden. “Last year we got 5th, but this year we’re getting a trophy.” Tyler, along with cross country, plays baseball for Lloyd.

A Series of Unfortunate Films

By: Andrew Stookey

 Have you ever just grabbed some ice cream, sat down on your couch, and watched an hour and a half long movie of a dumpster? Of course you have, if you’ve ever watched a Jim Carrey movie. 

 Jim Carrey, also known as “Piece of Garbage” by close friends, is one of the worst actors in film history. His films cause eardrums to bleed and eyes to melt, which is seriously unhealthy for moviegoers. 

 In Batman Forever, a film that received a 33% rating from critics, Jim Carrey plays The Riddler, and might I add, one of the worst Riddler’s ever. He makes the movie unwatchable with his annoying smile and awful laughter. Here’s a riddle for you: How did this movie even make a profit?

 Listening to Carrey babble on about how “…everything adds up to 23…” in The Number 23 is like having Sloth from The Goonies whisper the entirety of Fifty Shades of Grey in your ear. It just isn’t fun.

 When it comes down to it, Jim Carrey is an awful actor. Need some proof? J-I-M  C-A-R-R-E-Y: W-O-R-S-T  A-C-T-O-R  E-V-E-R. It all comes back to 23. 

Jim Carrey: The Real Deal

By: Alex Mahoney

 Jim Carrey, the man behind The Mask, literally he bounces his way from one role to the next making his viewers laugh the entire time; one of the greatest comedic actors of our time. Keeping you entertained and satisfied all the while.

 Jim Carrey, or rather Ace Ventura, Bruce, and Carl Allen is considered to be one of the top actors of our generation by many. He can bring you to tears simply by the look on his face and the noises accompanying it, bringing a smile to any face.

 In Ace Venture: Pet Detective, a film got 6.9 out of 10 based on reviews. Jim Carrey plays a very charismatic man that has a love for animals, and keeping them safe. The movie filled with wacky antics and adorable animals. What’s not to love? He keeps you interested the entire time due to the strange way he goes about solving the crimes. 

 In Bruce Almighty, a film that received an astounding 6.7 out of 10 based on viewers. Jim is a man who is struggling to find his place in life, getting to where he wants to and succeeding. He takes on all the responsibilities of God and his powers, learning that he cannot give everyone what they want, and he has to be thankful for what he has already. He learns a life lesson that everyone can take to heart in this comedy sent from Heaven.  

 To top it all off, Yes Man, came out with a 6.9 out of 10, a score that was extremely underrated for a movie of this caliber. Carl Allen, says yes to everything in order to change the way he thinks for his life to get better. This shows him that it was okay to take a leap of faith; you don’t have to be afraid of something. This was his story of a very comedic struggle. 

 The greatness of a man will be what he has left behind as his legacy, and this is Jim Carrey’s legacy, as an amazing man and even greater actor.

Advice From Seniors to Freshmen

By Sarah Singleton and Lauren Trevor

Attention freshmen class of 2018! Are you afraid that you won’t make it to class on time, that you won’t have anywhere to sit at lunch, or that an upper classman might dunk your head in a toilet or stuff you into a locker? If any of these apply to you, then the following advice might be of use! 

Every student has problems dealing with the transition from middle school to high school. Getting from hall to hall and class to class and trying to go to your locker in between can be a hassle and will sometimes earn you a one-way ticket to detention. The solution to this problem is simple. Don’t use your locker unless you really need it or you have the time to. Another solution is equally as efficient and simple.  

“Bring a big backpack,” says senior Lauren McMillen. 

Using a large bag to carry all your school supplies will allow you to avoid the hassle of going to you locker after each period. 

Great, now that you can make it to class on time and in one piece, you can focus on keeping ahead in your studies. Classes in high school can be tough, but there are easy ways to get past any anxiety about the work load. First of all, if you’re having trouble or are worried about the school year ahead don’t be afraid to talk to your teacher. 

“Be friends with your teachers; they can help you,” advises senior Ben Traylor.

Asking questions about the class can help ease your mind and prepare you for what’s to come. Just make sure you do what’s to come. 

“Do your homework, trust me,” warns Kaeli Perriman, “it’ll help you in the long run.”

And trust her you should. Not doing your homework is an easy way to dig yourself into a hole. Not only does not doing homework slowly kill your grade like a hamster with stage 3 leukemia, but it will make you ill-prepared for college. 

And as McMillen said, “Always try to challenge yourself.”

If your classes seem too easy, talk to your teacher or counselor to see if you can be put into a higher class. It’s always good to get ahead!

Another thing to keep in mind is the dreaded motif of all high school television dramas: gym class. The most important piece of advice is definitely what you wear. 
“Always dress out,” says McMillen. 

Yes, please do because if you don’t, it’s like not turning in your homework. Your participation grade for that day is history. Ladies, let’s not wear booty shorts and stilettos to play dodgeball. 

So starting high school can be rough, yeah, that’s a given, but it doesn’t have to be like that all the way through. Just keep an open mind and heed the advice above and freshman year will be easy febreezey! 

“And don’t be an idiot,” love from the authors. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Daniel N. Hucker Scholarship 5K

By Lauren Trevor

Attention all runners, athletes, and exercise junkies! This September 7th The Daniel N. Hucker Scholarship Foundation will be hosting an annual 5k run/walk at Lloyd Memorial High School. Preregistration starts at 8:30 A.M and the run/walk will begin at 9:30 A.M. Costs for the race is $25 for adults and $15 for students. On the day of the race, however, the cost rises to $30 for adults and $20 for students, so make sure you buy yours early! The Kid’s Fun Run will be $5 per child and kick off at 10:45 A.M.

Afraid to leave Spot and Sparky at home? Well, have no fear because pets are allowed as long as they are well-behaved and on a leash.

There will be raffles and prizes for participants, which are all donated from local sponsors.
All proceeds from the event will go to a scholarship to support a Lloyd graduate on their journey to college.

Register at:

Have questions or concerns? Contact Melinda (Hucker) Trevor at (859)727-6057 or email her at!

So come on, go out and support your fellow Juggernauts!

“We Were Liars”

By: Sarah Barron

Books have a way with triggering inner emotions. It is normal to expect the best outcome in a book because of the fairytale stories. The normal cliché the boy and girl fall in love and stay together forever. No one expects the end of a book to be upsetting because of the horrible things that may lead up to the ending. Every story has two sides to it. Before there was happily ever after there were the grim stories.

“We Were Liars” by E. Lockhart is about a teenage girl named Cadence. Cadence along with her family and friends met at an island every summer. It is at this island that a true tragedy occurs and Cadence loses most of her memories including the truth behind what happened. She is forced to fight her way through remembering what happened and she is the only one capable of finding it.

Lockhart continuously has Cadence telling her own made up fairytale stories throughout the book. The fairytales that she mentions always somehow relate back to the actual story that the book is telling. Towards the ending Cadence mentions that not all fairytales end happily. “We Were Liars” was very enjoyable and intense from the beginning to the ending. I could read the book a thousand times over. It triggers several emotions in many different ways unlike some other books. “We Were Liars” simply took my breath away.

I would strongly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys romance and suspense. It is heavy with the talk of love and will have anyone on their toes guessing the whole way through. To anyone who is expecting a normal cliché fairytale or just a love book this book may not be the one. Remember not all fairytales have a happy ending.

Archery Club in Motion

By Jordan Gentry

Bull’s-eye! Archery Club, coached by Mrs. (Rhonda) Smith, is soon to be underway and joining is a straight shot. Any student in high school is able to join the team, whether you know how to shoot an arrow or not.

Matches for the team don’t take place until October, but practices (open gyms) are now every day, except Friday, at 6:45am until 7:45am. Practices include tic-tac toe and balloon competitions.

Mrs. Smith would like all students to know that any student interested is welcome to try out. Archery club is for any student who wants to get involved in a fun, exciting sport that doubles as a lifetime skill. You don’t have to be athletically skilled, the sport is ready for anyone who is willing. Students with physical or other limitations are also able to participate, so don’t be shy.

Practices will be both before and after school to accommodate all types of schedules.

Lauren McMillen, a current participant says, “Everyone is welcome. Come join, we will teach you how [to shoot an arrow]!” She also includes that being on the team is “really fun” and that “there are really good competitors.”

Throughout the competitions, which take place on the weekend, “there can be from a couple hundred to 500 shooters competing,” says Mrs. Smith. “There are 300 points possible for each shooter, shooters shoot three “ends” [rounds] of five arrows each.”

Matches are based on whistle commands with a set of strict rules that must be followed for safety; Just like Mrs. Smith teaches in class.

Outdoor skills are also engaged as participants will get to spend time outdoors and not dealing with high tech items.

“Anything that will assist in getting them out there [outside] and in the fresh air can’t be bad,” says Mrs. Smith when asked how she felt about Wildlife Conservation agencies being concerned that too many young people are going without learning outdoor skills.

Mrs. Smith hopes that this season will bring along a tournament win and a beautiful trophy to be placed at Lloyd.

High School Bucket List

By Habsa Dia

Time flies. It is a guaranteed thing. So the time spent in high school won’t be as long as it seems like it is gonna be. One of the best ways to create great memories of your time is to make a bucket list and complete it during your years in high school, or even extend it after high school if necessary. Whether it be joining The Color Run, volunteering, or even something as simple as getting a good night’s rest, your bucket list is boundless.
Creating a bucket list during high school is a great way to keep track of time spent. Anything goes when it comes to a bucket list:
* Go to a concert
* Give a compliment daily
* Join a sport or club
* High-five someone new everyday
* Get your license
* Find what you are amazing at
* Show your school spirit
* Dance with a stranger
* Say how much you appreciate your teacher
* Register to vote
* Graduate
* Write a letter to your future self
“I wanna do a 5k and skydiving,” says Lauren Mitchell, sophomore.
“I’ve wanted to go outside the country, like go to Italy,” says Catherine Wood, senior, “I guess I would want to get accepted to college before I leave and have a great time my senior year.” Catherine has also managed to “annoy Sarah Singleton every year,” something she can mark off of her list.
“I’ve always wanted to meet a celebrity,” said Karen Zumba, sophomore. “I’d like to try foreign food, something I’ve never tasted. I’d also like to go to an island since I couldn’t go with my family.”
Anything you wish can go on your list, it is totally in your control. As long as passion is there, everything is possible. Why waste time on a great opportunity to make some new memories? What would go on your list?