Thursday, October 23, 2014

Who’s Ferguson?

By Emily Phillips

Many of you have probably noticed the bearded man at the beginning of first hall, but do you actually know him? After interviewing Tim Ferguson, one of the newest members of the science department, I have come to understand that he is just the type of quirky character that Lloyd needs. Musically talented, and an avid comic book collector, Mr. Ferguson is way more than meets the eye.

Starting out as a Skyline employee, Ferguson then advanced to tutoring and banking before landing a job at Conner High School.

“Working in food, in my opinion, should be a requirement for everyone. It teaches humility and how to deal with complaints,” explained Ferguson

Five years after dealing with Conner, he decided that Lloyd was the place for him. With no particular reason for becoming a Juggernaut, Ferguson has shared that he is quite content with our “unique” vibe and appreciates the friendliness and accessibility in which he receives.

“I LOVE what I teach (science). It’s such a great way to look at and understand the world around us.”-Ferguson

With such a passion for his career, Ferguson seems to have only one major complaint: grading papers.

“Not because of the quality of the work that I get, but because I find myself so busy preparing for lessons and actually teaching, student work stacks up and I get overwhelmed,” said Ferguson

This reminds us that teachers have just as a hard of a time as we do.

Outside of school, Ferguson is a part-time employee at his church, Immanuel United Methodist Church. He leads music on Sunday mornings, and he even helps out with the youth group on Sunday nights. I was also proud to learn that he collects/reads comics, sings, and plays numerous musical instruments including the guitar, banjo, and mandolin.

As an added bonus for my interview, I have been able to uncover the reason for his infamous beard.

“The beard is the result of necessity and laziness. Necessity because it keeps my face warm and laziness because I don’t have to shave. In previous years, I’d grow it out in the fall/winter and shave in the summer, but this summer I decided to keep it and see how long I can grow it before my wife makes me shave it. So far so good! I have noticed a lot of attention about my beard. As a person who has one, this has fascinated me. I get a lot of questions about it and I’m happy to answer them,” explained Ferguson.

Tough Loss Propels Lloyd Football Forward

By: Brent Christiansen

This past week, the Juggernauts suffered their first loss of the season after beginning the season a tremendous 4-0. The strong Lloyd team knocked off Gallatin County to push their winning streak to four on homecoming night before suffering their first loss of the season to an always strong Newport Central Catholic team.

The Lloyd team had an extremely strong showing against a large Gallatin County team, winning with a final score of 44-12. The Juggernauts were on a role offensively, giving the ball out to all its playmakers and pumping out big play after big play. Senior Hayden Molitor and Sophomore Lashunn Townsend each had long touchdowns in the first quarter, along with Sophomore running back Justin Durham pounding in one from close after another long run by Townsend. Junior wide receiver Charles Gaines had over 80 yards receiving, helping move the Juggernauts down the field through the air. History was also made this night in the kicking game when Senior kicker Sergio Gutierrez beat the field goal record by hammering in a staggering 49 yarder.

The next week verse Newcath did not quite go as planned for the Juggs. Despite great plays by some Lloyd playmakers, such as receivers Charles Gaines and Zack Riddle, mental mistakes killed Lloyd, with the game ending in a deceiving score of 28-0. The game was highly contested compared to past years and was a tough game for both teams.

Despite this loss the Juggs are still sitting at an outstanding 4-1 record. The team propelled by this loss and is eager to show what it can do in the remaining district matchups against Newport, Bishop Brossart, and Holy Cross, who they play this Friday for senior night. Come out and support Lloyd in this always entertaining game. GO JUGGS!!

Chef Singleton’s Kitchen

By Sarah Singleton

Welcome ladies and gentlecats, to the first edition of Chef Singleton’s kitchen! In each new edition of the Tatler, I will be finding and trying new recipes and giving you reviews on them. This week, I decided to make Pumpkin Chocolate Chip cookies. I had made these cookies once before, and everyone loved them. So, I decided to make them once again for myself, and the rest of the Tatler staff. The recipe is as follows and makes 2 dozen cookies:

* 1 cup canned pumpkin
* 1 cup white sugar
* ½ cup of vegetable oil
* 1 egg
* 2 cups all-purpose flour
* 2 teaspoons baking powder
* 2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
* ½ teaspoon salt
* 1 teaspoon baking soda
* 1 teaspoon milk
* 1 tablespoon vanilla extract
* 2 cups semisweet chocolate chips


1. Combine pumpkin, sugar, vegetable oil, and egg. In a separate bowl, stir together flour baking powder, ground cinnamon, and salt. Dissolve baking soda with the milk and stir in. Add flour mixture to pumpkin mixture and mix well.

2. Add vanilla, and chocolate chips. (Make sure you have enough chocolate chips for however many batches you are making. I only had 1 cup of them for the Tatler staff’s batch, sorry guys)

3. Drop by spoonful on greased cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for approximately 10 minutes.


“Tasty.” – Isabella Cross

“Eating it is like being impregnated by the giant celestial alien god of love and affection.” – Lauren Trevor

“It was like eating a pumpkin cloud.” Habsa Dia

“They were delicious. They were” Hayley Osborne

IHOP Gives Gift of the Centuries

By: Alex Mahoney

Have you ever heard the age old question, pancakes or waffles? While others bicker over which is better, let’s all just agree that those who chose the buttermilk pancakes from the great land of IHOP are the greatest amongst all choices.

While some people would argue with me and say that the worst possible thing is pancakes, let alone ones from IHOP, we can all agree that they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Waffles have crevices in them that inverts inward for what? To hold the butter or syrup some people may like to use on them, it is completely and utterly disgusting. The pancakes have the fluff and fullness that a breakfast or to some a dinner food may have.

Waffles are just lies that you can easily poke holes through them and their stories, nothing about them is enjoyable, you get a crunch that can disgust you thoroughly if you’re looking for a fluffy, bite of a cloud. The pancakes have always been the right choice, nothing has ever been able to compete.

So let me ask you, would you rather take a bite from a stale cracker, or a bite from a heavenly cloud?

What to do During Fall Break

By Isabella Cross

If you are like any other normal student (and probably teacher) you must be ready for fall break, but are you worried that you won’t have anything to do during your week off from school? No worries! There are plenty of things to do to enjoy the beautiful fall weather and brief moment of freedom. Follow my suggestions and hopefully you will be on your way to a glorious fall break!

* Get some sleep
* Bake cookies (see Sarah’s recipe!)
* Catch up on homework
* Study for the ACT
* Take a road trip
* Visit a haunted house
* Go camping
* Read a book
* Carve a pumpkin
* Go on a bike ride
* Go on a hike trail
* Get service hours
* Catch up on your favorite shows
* Put up Halloween decorations
* Apply to a college (for Seniors)

And to the teachers who are assigning homework during fall break, so not cool.

Artist Spotlight

By Lauren Trevor

This past September a number of talented artists participated in ComicCon. One of those artists is a current student of good ole Lloyd Memorial. Known by several different aliases, like Fox and Ink, senior Makenna Baughman has truly made a name for herself around Lloyd’s art world. Drawing for as long as she can remember, her art style has developed and become unique. She says that she first began drawing dinos, but today, she enjoys drawing fantasy, with a particular interest in the old folk lore of the werewolf. As for media, she says that she prefers digital artwork, but does paint and sculpt on occasion.

When asked if she planned to continue and create a career from her skills, she tells us that she would like to become a concept artist – an artist who designs and creates concepts of characters for movies, comics, et cetera.

“If you want to be an artist never give up and do get out of your comfort zone sometimes,” she advised aspiring artists.

If you fancy her art, check out her page at

Rewards Program

By Habsa Dia

This year Student Council wants to award students with relaxing and fun activities. All you have to do is have good behavior and academic excellance. At the end of each semester this year, any student who meets the requirements will be rewarded. The permitted requirements are as follow:

- As, Bs, and Cs in all subjects

-Either one unexcused absence OR one tardy to school

-Two tardies to class

-One minor referral, such as insubordination, cell phones, etc.

-No major referrals

If you aren’t eligible for rewards this semester, you have another chance to participate during next semester. The current ideas for rewards are going out to the movies, going bowling, and going to the park for part of the day. If you have any suggestions for rewards that you would like to do, talk with your Student Council class representative for it to be discussed.

¡Guess the Slogan!

By: Jordan Gentry

Slogan:                                      Answer:

* Just do it. _____________________

* Save Money. Live better. _____________________

* The happiest place on Earth. _____________________

* Real cinnamon & sugar in every bite! _____________________

* They’re magically delicious! _____________________

* Protecting the Earth from the scum of the Universe! _____________________

* See our family and feel better about yours. _____________________

* I’m lovin’ it! _____________________

* There’s an app for just about anything! _____________________

* They’re grrrrreaattt! _____________________

* Think outside the bun. *Ding* _____________________

* What’s in your wallet?! _____________________

* Stay classy San Diego! _____________________

* Just keep swimming! _____________________

* Food with Integrity! _____________________

* It’s my money and I want it now! _____________________

Lounging Around!

By: Andrew Stookey

Are you sick of the dirty, loud cafeteria? Are you finally getting annoyed by the freshmen acting immature and clapping every time something happens, such as someone dropping their tray or a three second fight? Need a new, hip place to hang out with your friends during lunch? Well, I have good news for you!

The student lounge was created last year by students themselves, including yours truly. It features many exciting resources, and is sure to make your lunch period better! All it takes is a special requirement, such as being a fall athlete or being on the honor roll.

Are you a fan of sports? Because if you are, then the student lounge is for you! Ping pong tables and a foosball table for your entertainment! Want to just sit around like the lazy bum you are? There are couches and chairs, and for the true homeless experience of all, there are benches!

According to the students, the lounge is fabulous.

“It’s never crowded, and definitely fun. It’s a nice break from all the kids in the cafeteria,” says junior Jakob Turner.

Finally, the most important thing of all…… Are you ready? Microwaves! Yup, two of them. You can now cook Ramen at school and chill in an environment made for people of your higher status.

This is the student lounge, and remember, what happens in the lounge, stays in the lounge. Welcome home.

Goldstar vs. Skyline

By: Aryan Overstreet and Hayley Osbourne

Unless you`re Mrs. Lawson, you crave the taste for Cincinnati chili. There are many different factors that play into the perfect chili restaurant. The question of whether Skyline or Goldstar is better is constantly left lingering. Some of us are true advocates for one, but others ride the fence between the two. Some of deciding factors are:

Skyline`s runny, spicy chili, harder buns, and baby fries
along with
Goldstar`s sweeter chili, bigger fries, smiley face cookies, fresher cheese, and phenomenal milkshakes.

Feedback from our peers:

“It`s not even a question” a true skyline lover, Jesse McLean.

“Skyline shouldn`t even be in the picture” Anthony Wilson.

“That`s easy: Goldstar.” Stookey

“I`m not allowed to answer” younger Stookey.

“Skyline 3-ways, Goldstar conies” the fence rider, James Henry Viox X

“Chili supreme level (skyline)” Brent Michael Christensen I

“Skyline because I`ve never eaten at Goldstar” Habsa Dia

“Gold Star, once you really try it, it's hard to go back.” Anonymous

“The only reason I`m dating my boyfriend is because his parents own a Goldstar” Gwen Watson. #squad

Apparently the question will continue to linger in our minds. Personally we believe that everyone who prefers Skyline needs new taste buds, but that isn`t “none of our business”.